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Meet Joanne Bishop

Jo Bish as we all know her has been with us for a long time, she is someone who you can instantly tell after a 5 minute chat has a passion for fitness and is one of those likeable characters. A pleasure to have around the facility!!!!

Jo's highlight :

There are so many , but here are a few

- doing the major (a muddy 10k event) in Leeds around 2015 with a gang from CFTT sticks in the memory.

- Being able to train with my son Lee (now one of the coaches) shows age doesn’t matter at CFTT especially when I beat him in the odd workout or two :-) 

- The FAST weekender for the atmosphere is something everyone should complete

- Turning up one winter morning at 6am and no one else turned up , John Lee nearly killed me !!!

- Winning the slogan competition - Nothing is impossible!!

Age: shhhh 51 on Monday  Occupation: Customer Service Manager at Johnson’s Workwear  Started CFTT: 2013  Sports background : Sport has always been my thing , running mainly, but I moved into triathlons and went to private swimming lessons to nail front crawl, less energy used with front crawl on legs, needed for the run and cycle . Done the coast to coast cycle ride in 16 hours - tough mentally but loved the achievement  Ran various half marathons then went for the marathon - done my own from Washington up to Frankland prison and back , done it in 4:19 !!! Well chuffed with that  Run now a couple of times a week and enter virtual challenges started the year running 20 miles each month , telling myself I can’t do more if I want to do CrossFit as well but that was an excuse finished the year running 65miles this month !! Started open water swimming 2 years ago (2017) in the North Sea , it’s the best buzz and 2020 going to do this more !! Always looking for a new sports challenge off on holiday this week so let’s see what water sports I can try !!! Why did you choose CFTT: I knew I needed to strengthen my body but lonely old gyms where no one speaks was just depressing but I was terrified of classes in-case I couldn’t keep up , but a friend came (Lisa Smith) and I asked if I could tag along !!! I was terrified but hooked after one session I couldn’t even lift the 15kg bar at first but I was inspired but other ladies who were throwing weights around (Becca and Sara) Fav benchmark WOD; Murph The Chief  Annie - got my double unders by drilling Annie  Progress over the last year : Had a few niggling injuries- reminded me to stretch and recover more : - Wanted to clean 50kg the year I turned 50 so managed to clean 50kg built up from 40k my pb - Nailed kipping pull-ups  - Handstand kipping , still using a mat but can do these now  - Progressed from 12.5kg dumbbells to using 15kg in WODs Biggest misconception about CrossFit : We all love ourselves and train looking in the mirror !!! Also that it’s too hard, it definitely isn't, its as hard as you make it!!! Advice if someone is looking to start CFTT: Just get in get to a session and join the gang it’s the best place to be!!! Gyms are just playing, this is real !! What’s next : More outdoor swimming  Competition in the lakes !!!!eeeeek terrified  More gymnastics - just need to book in and get there Managing stress work levels better through sport ensuring I am consistent in training  More yoga gong baths , they are very calming  Mastering sleep , I sleep very poorly More training sessions with Coach Bish AKA the cub I love that we can work out together, mam and son and push each other !!! That’s CrossFit so inclusive !!!

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