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Meet Emma Chambers

Look in the gym at around 6.50am after the 6am class and we can guarantee one thing........... Emma will be sitting stretching post WOD with a smile on her face and potential winding someone up, she is one of those with an infectious character. We have seen her grow with us into someone who started with a weak lower back and limited lifting experience to someone who now can do so much and 100% the fittest she has ever been.

In recent years

"The Cannon" and "Bomb-scare" are probably two common words we would use to describe Emma at social events but to be honest Emma has proved her worth, especially the Christmas Parties and is someone we should probably ask before confirming the date..........

Emma's Highlights:

- Competing in my first Crossfit Open Games, Feb 2019 and doing the great Friday night Lights. I never thought I could do it and after persuasion I loved it and I lifted weights that I had never lifted before, I done my first pull up and my first strict handstand push up.

- Getting the outstanding achievement award at Friday Night Lights. (See Picture)

- I would say probably the pinnacle of my time at CrossFit has to be 24 November 2018, mine and Emma Aitken’s first CrossFit Christmas party (best that I leave it at that), I would like to also take this opportunity to apologise to Coach Green for being a pest for the full evening.

Age: 35

Occupation: Trainee surveyor 

Started CFTT: I think I started around 2017

Sports / Fitness background? None, I hated PE at school, trained little bits at gyms in adult years, very basic stuff, I only trained so I could eat what I wanted and maintain current weight. nothing technical. 

Why did you choose CFTT?

Originally I was training with one of the coaches Ian, he recommended then coming into more of a group and doing Crossfit. We were doing some sessions with Ian and at the same time doing sessions with another trainer at a local gym. I trained with Emma and we were both getting bored with the gym we were at. Hadn’t even heard of CrossFit before joining, thinking it was just another gym. Oh how I was wrong. Lol. What I loved the most from the start was how every session was different, which kept me keen for the next class. 

Favourite Crossfit Benchmark WOD?

I don't have a favourite in particular.

I'm not scared to admit I have a low attention span so workouts with variety are the ones I really enjoy. I enjoy most workouts, probably easier saying those that include wall balls and the bike, I do not like. Lol. 

I have recently been enjoying the wods with lifts in, testing my strength. I love the partner wods love the team work aspect. 

What kind of progress have you made over the past year? I’ve noticed a big change in my technique, understanding movement more and feeling comfortable with the movements, which is helping me to increase weight. 

I realised the importance of movement when I was struggling with a bad back during lifts, I work in an office so my poor posture was highlighted during lifts. With support/advise from the coaches, consistent training and focus on my movement I was able to strengthen my back.

Now I never suffer any back pain. 

What the biggest misconception about CrossFit?

Thinking it’s just another gym, nothing different, which I feel is very wrong. What you’re learning through CrossFit is not just physical it’s mental health too.

It's something to focus on keeping you driven and able to switch off from anything else in your life, the time in the gym is you time. 

Advice for someone looking to start CrossFit?  Join, it will be the best decision you will ever make. It’s not just about doing a workout, there is so much more with the technical side and most importantly the community. 

I have met some of the best people and with the support and knowledge from the coaches helping me to improve all the time. It’s evident they are passionate and really care. 

The TWO Emma's!!!!

What's next?

I have some how managed to get myself signed up for two events. Scary. These will be firsts for me and my goals for 2020. 

I want to further improve my technical side with gymnasts, linked toes to bar and double unders. To do this I need to stay consistent with my training. 

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